Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Eva's First Birthday

   Well, it's been nearly a year since I wrote my last blog post and it was introducing Eva. Now I'm back to show you her first birthday celebration. I am in complete disbelief that our angel has been with us earthside for 369 days already! Everyone told me it would go fast, and I knew it would, but I didn't know just HOW FAST they really meant. Now I know and will try to cherish every little moment with Eva even more. 
   For her first birthday I knew I wanted to keep the party small and intimate with our closest family and friends. And of course, I knew I wanted Elena to photograph it. I think it's safe to say that I meant both of my goals and couldn't have been happier with the way the day turned out. It was absolutely beautiful and I can't believe I didn't cry more than I did. Now, check out these stunning photos..
Elena arrived just in time to see me setting up and getting party (punch) ready

Of course, I couldn't throw a party without a decked out cheese and fruit tray. Chicken tarragon salad and turkey, bacon, ranch wrap bites for the win.

Stressed and stressed over cleaning my house and trying to figure out where 20+ people were going to sit but all was well in the end.

Couldn't forget the mimosa bar..

Birthday girl seat

I saw this idea on Pinterest and really wanted to recreate it for Eva. It's a stat board of all of her currents and I will love it forever!

Eva's smash cake

Mingling with another tiny guest

Loves being upside down

After eats it was time to open PRESENTS.

Marliegh is helping Eva open her first gift of the day.

So excited!!!

Mema, Pappy, Chelsey, and Talitha watching us unwrap..

Eventually, Eva abandoned me for her toys and I was left to open the rest of the gifts on my own. And I was totally ok with that. ;)

After presents it was FINALLY TIME FOR CAKE!

Eva was so excited about her crown, as you can tell.

Never lets me give her kisses.

I tried my hardest not to cry while we were singing but I think it was bound to happen at some point. So, here I am trying to hold back tears and singing to my ONE YEAR OLD. 

Slightly unsure about what to do..

..but of course figures it out in no time.

Thrilled, with Aunty Morgan!!!

In love.

The cake of my dreams. Byers Butterflake Bakery never dissapoints! I sent them a photo of what I wanted and they delivered. Not to mention it was DELICIOUS.

Polaroids, cake, and two of my favorite girls' birthdays calendar side.

Already chasing boys! Cries big tears.

I think she was smitten.

Bottle break with the greatest Granddad ever!

My sweetheart

Our girl

Eva was nearly ready to throw in the towel when I asked Elena for a few more photos of us in her room.. I needed some of us in our dresses!

That's a wrap, folks!
I cannot thank my family and friends enough for coming out to celebrate my darling's first birthday. And as always, I cannot thank my dear friend Elena enough for documenting it for me. She was my hands when mine were full and did a phenomenal job, as you can see. We are so grateful to have such wonderful people in our lives and I am just so filled with LOVE. Thank you, thank you, thank you all so much again!

You can check out all of Elena's work at and 

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Introducing Eva

   Alas! My baby girl has arrived and it was time to have her young life documented! That being said, it was actually a little past time to have it documented. Typically, newborn shoots are done no later than 14 days after birth. Eva was nearly five weeks before I had hers done, so yes, I am fully aware that I may have dropped the ball on this one. But give me a break. I'm new at this whole mom thing after all!
   Also, I'm going to blame it on the weather as well. The week we had planned to do them was grey and gloomy and since they were being taken in my home and not in studio, we needed some natural light. As you know, natural light is hard to come by when its raining. So yes, I'm going to blame it on the weather as well for postponing them by yet another week. 
   Finally, when the sun was ready to show itself, none other than Elena Jasic headed my way to get this show rolling. Baby Eva, only 4 weeks and 5 days old and already getting to shoot with Elena, what a lucky duck! As always, Ms. Jasic never disappoints. I am so grateful that she captured these beautiful images of our daughter that I will cherish forever! Take a look for yourself..

We are so tickled with our family of three! We couldn't be more thankful for this little star lighting up our lives. So much thanks to Elena, again.

H&M sweater, H&M jeans