Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bad kitty

I've been hunting for the perfect pair of cat eye sunglasses for awhile now. The obsession started a few months ago when I made my way in to Solstice.. First I had my eye on a pair by Christian Dior, then I found a pair I liked even more by the brand. Later I stumbled on an extra special pair that I loved by Tom Ford which of course were extra pricy. Little did I know every reality star and her sister had them so they were a bit harder to track down. I had my hopes up several times just to go back to my shopping cart to see "this item is no longer available." So after debating for a month and finding them in stock again yesterday morning on Neiman Marcus I made my move. Bad news is, I have to wait a whole week to get them.
What I thought I wanted..
..then I saw these..
..and then, we have a winner!

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