Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween 2012

So my dear Kate threw a little soiree for Halloween, here are a few snapshots from the evening. My original plan was to go as Cruella Deville, which failed miserably mid-spray during my attempt to mimic her hair..
Me, Kate, Tara

A boy dressed up as a girl, a boy dressed up as..well, I'm not entirely sure

I asked Rembecki to take a photo of Brendan and I..I'm not sure what happened

Brendan managed to do a way better job of taking a photo of Rembecki and I

A fine whisk for a fine night

Overall I had a wonderful time and am glad I went. Originally, I'd had the best friend blues and was bummed about two of my closest dears not even being in the state, I wasn't even sure if I was going to do anything for Halloween. Alas I told myself to suck it up and stop being a wet blanket, I grabbed Shane, whom I somehow managed to not get one photo with, and we slinked out into the night. Despite the costume fail it was still a ball and here is the proof to show it. 

In these photos OLIVIA WEARS vintage fur, h&m dress, mac matte in russian red

Friday, October 12, 2012

Balmain S/S 2012

So, I was slightly nervous a few seasons back when I heard Christophe Decarin would no longer be a part of Balmain, but this collection has finally set me at ease. I have nothing to be nervous about. I'm in love with the patterns and textures, my only question is, where was Freja?

A few of my favorite looks

Thursday, October 4, 2012

C'est la vie

Bonjour! I've been visiting Gettysburg so frequently lately that I finally decided to grab a few cameras, and Bryan, and document one of my trips.
 Cafe Saint-Amand
 Dirty Billy's Hats
 ..Billy's hats
 Some art n shit

 The cutest old lady
 Bryan and Abe and Abe

 Giant bank

 "Enjoy a fine cigar"
 Pretty sodas with really gross names
 A giant library
.. me in front of the giant library
 Always Avery's monster mucus for me!
 Bryan on film by me
Me on film by Bryan