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Cancún 2014

   So when a friend approached me about a girl's trip to Cancun I was all in..not thinking it would actually happen, wrong! Hayley, Deana and I booked our Caribbean vacation in October and patiently awaited its February arrival. ALAS, it was here. The time had come. #CANCUN2014

Grand Oasis Cancun
Well, after  waiting an extra hour in Florida the girls and I were ready to arrive at our hotel and hit the beach. Little did we know it wasn't about to be that easy. We had finally arrived in Cancun, grabbed our bags, made it through customs and the harassing staff trying to sell us this and that.. We'd found our driver and it was time to go to our hotel! Ahahahhaha, if only it had been that easy. There were two stops before ours to get to our hotel, totaling maybe 25 minutes. We're in line to check in, Hayley and I trying to keep Deana calm who was about to lose it due to the amount of time it was taking. Once it was our turn, we learned why. "We have no rooms for you." Back to the first resort we went! Luckily an upgrade came with the inconvenience.

A polaroid, after immediate arrival following check-in to our room.
The water in Cancun was beautiful, absolutely gorgeous! 
Our first night in Cancun..after an exhausting run around since arriving, all the girls and I had wanted to do was get in the beautiful sea. We'd finally gotten into our room and rapidly changed into our suits. Down to the beach we went, the water still warm from the day. All three of us had been in, Hayley now out of the water. Deana and I were about 50 feet out, her another 10 feet further than I. I'd decided I was ready to go in and started to swim towards shore but soon realized I wasn't moving. I'd almost felt panic for a split second but as fast as I'd thought about it my brain had told me to remain calm. I'd turned over to lie on my back to catch my breath before returning to my stomach. I'd been able to get my feet into the sand and pull forward. Deana, "How are you getting in?!" I remember screaming "I don't know!" I was so tired I couldn't even think of speaking. I see the life guards on shore as I'm yelling for Hayley. I wave at the life guards and they don't move. Finally, I make it to shore and tell Hayley to go help Deana, still stuck without any success. Hayley grabs Deana by the arm and successfully gets her in. Upon my arrival at shore a life guard states "A lot of people die here. They don't know how dangerous the water is. Red flag means beach is closed."
Well shit. I sure wish I would've known that before I'd gotten in the water. After this, the girls and I were always cautious. It was absolutely amazing how strong it was. I'd never felt anything like it.

Our first morning in Cancun, headed to breakfast

"Two pina colodas and a strawberry daiquiri please."

At our resort they sold these coconuts for $10. You could get any drink inside and get them refilled throughout the day. I was surprised at how heavy the damn things were and quickly got tired of carrying it around. The work the man had to do to make them was outstanding. I would've been charging a hell of a lot more than $10.

Drinking a banana coloda out of my coconut 

Deana, outside on our second day.

Water fountain faces inside the resort

A beautiful view of our temporary, gorgeous home.

Road leading to the resort.

Hard Rock, Cancun
 The second night the girls and I had decided to venture out to the Hard Rock Cafe for some real food, seeing as the resort's food wasn't what we were accustomed to, to put it nicely. Now we know why everyone says "Don't leave the resort." Upon getting ready to leave we stopped at the concierge to ask them about a taxi or bus. The taxi would cost us $25 each way or we could take the bus for $1 each way. We took the bus. Ugh, God! Talk about hot, sweaty and ruining my hair. All the windows down, there was a Mexican nearby playing on his guitar as the girls and I swayed side to side waiting for our stop. Oh and there goes the Hard Rock! We'd missed our stop. We get off at the next and started to walk, all of us wearing heels and our cutest clothes, now sweaty and developing blisters. We finally reach the Cafe which conveniently has no air conditioning, so we opted for a seat outside. Finally! Real food! We were elated. (My blisters lasted the rest of the trip.)

The market
At a glance it reminds you of the boardwalk at Ocean City..until you get inside. As soon as the girls and I stepped off the bus the men started yelling. "This way mami! My turn! Come here!" The experience left me frustrated and annoyed but with some goodies to bring home. Hayley, nearly clinically insane, and Deana was probably the calmest out of us all. Another "Mexican Experience" to put in the book.

A beautiful hotel, if you can even call it that, that we passed to go out. Probably home to the rich and successful, I don't think we passed it once without me exclaiming how wonderful I thought it was. 

A view walking into the resort

Sitting in a giant chair in front of Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville before heading to Bubba Gump's, where I enjoyed the food the most. Also, where we were witnesses to an engagement. Congrats! Now where's my server, I want dessert.

An outside shopping mall.
Zara, Cancun
After dinner we started to walk towards the bus stop which led us past a mall..well, we all know I can't "pass" a mall. It was an outside mall full of different boutiques. A good thing we hadn't seen it till the day before our departure, or else I wouldn't have had enough money to get home. The flower balloon on my wrist was given to me, and one to each of the girls as well, by a clown at dinner.

Floating, our last day in Paradise.

In the Caribbean the morning of our last day in Cancun.

All in all, Mexico was crazy. I hated to love it. And, well, I loved to hate it. It was a beautiful, interesting city where there was constant fun and chaos. The water, with its beauty and strength, was my favorite thing by far. Cancun, you were a horse of a different color! And I can't wait to go back.

OLIVIA WEARS in order of appearance
 NASTY GAL striped tank H&M bikini URBAN OUTFITTERS romper H&M patterned pants H&M bikini

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