Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Years 2013..or whatever year it is

So, it wouldn't be a typical party without me bringing five cameras and annoying the hell out of everyone all night by taking photos.. New Years 2013, Bryan and I grabbed our hats and headed out for an evening of unknown events. We've got a few new faces for the blog this time, let's start out with this one..
This, is my home girl. I originally met her at my current job..our friendship quickly grew into routine hangouts..of course when NYE rolled around an invite over to her boyfriend's place followed soon after.

Of course I wouldn't be in proper party attire without my partner in crime, Bryan.

All smiles for the camera

 2013 called for a fine whiskey, my favorite, Maker's Mark, handmade..Kentucky..bourbon

Mice love cheese 

 Knife party

Glares and stares 

 Never a pa'ty without a good action shot

 New year, new friends

Oye Vay

 Midnight..or 4 a.m. snacks

My first royal flush of the year

The last photo of the night consisted of this, a blurry Snowball.

Memorable quotes of NYE
So, I thought it would be a good idea to write down the hilarious comments everyone was saying all night because God knows there was no way I'd be able to remember all of are some of my favorites.

"Happy 2014!"
"Who crushed all my cigs?"
"I'm getting confused, what year is it?"
"Jessie: Paul! Paul: What? Jessie: Come here! Paul: I didn't do anything!"
"If you can hit a golf ball off of it, it's a Bieber haircut."
"I'm an opportunist."
"Go ahead and lay an 8 down dick."
"No one really cares about him."
"What's a word?"
"F everyone."

Else being said, I had an absolutely amazing New Years Eve with wonderful people..I can only hope the rest of the year brings just as good of times.

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